Are You a Galactic Old Soul?

Are You a Galactic Old Soul?

The term “old soul” is one we are familiar with, and indeed many of us can relate to feeling like an old soul. I certainly resonate with this myself, and chances are you do too if you’re here reading this. πŸ˜‰ defines an old soul as:

A spiritual person whom is wise beyond their years; people of strong emotional stability. Basically, someone who has more understanding of the world around them.

Some people even believe an old soul is a person whom has learned from past incarnations, or lives. They acquired certain knowledge from their past lives and apply it to their present life… thus gaining more wisdom than the average bloke.

From an Earth-human perspective, I tend to think of an old soul as someone who has been around the block many, many times here on Earth. In my own experience, I feel a multitude of lifetimes and experiences I have had here on this planet. I may not know the specifics of those lifetimes, but I can feel that I’ve been here a long, long time. I can feel that I’ve lived just about every experience that can be lived here in this 3D reality.

And I’m not alone in this, there are many who also feel this, even though they may not yet be consciously aware of it. Many of us have been here for eons, lifetime after lifetime, after lifetime. Learning and experiencing everything we possibly can in this grand experiment called planet Earth. So we have this vast library of knowledge and experience within us that we tap into every day.

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?” ~ Satchel Paige

It’s why things might feel familiar and easy, even though we don’t consciously remember encountering them before. It’s why we have certain fears, or other emotions that just don’t make sense for what we’ve experienced in this current lifetime.

But this idea of being an old soul gets even MORE interesting when we start to look beyond just planet Earth…

Many of us are Galactic “old souls”, who have not only been around the block here on Earth, but have had a vast array of experiences throughout our Galaxy!

I have felt this so strongly for myself, especially as I have been learning the cosmology and galactic history presented in Lyssa Royal Holt’s “Prism of Lyra” book and “Galactic Heritage Cards”. It resonates so deeply with me and has opened me up to an even greater history and lineage that truly spans the ancient history of the whole galaxy!

I find this often comes up when I do readings for my clients, too. Not only am I a Galactic old soul, but I tend to attract other Galactic old souls and this will frequently come up as I’m doing readings with the Galactic Heritage cards or painting a Cosmic Family Portrait for those in my soul-tribe. Many of us are truly old souls who have been around this galaxy for a very, very long time, playing out the drama of our human(oid) family from Source, to fragmentation & polarity, and back to integration and Oneness.

Our Greater Cosmic Lineage

This drama that we’ve been playing out here on Earth has been going on far longer than this one little planet has been around. Earth is pretty young and new in the grand scheme of things, and our true history goes back eons before Earth even came on the scene…

Our human family began in the area of Lyra in the first fragmentation. All-That-Is wanted to experience itself in a new way and so creation was born with many many galaxies, universes, dimensions, realities and eventually individuals all being that perspective of All-That-Is. Each and every one of us are All-That-Is, just a different facet or perspective of the All.

So our galaxy began with a fragmentation as All-That-Is divided itself further and further to create galaxies, solar systems, stars and planets. Each of these with their own consciousness, their own identity in a sense. And from there, All-That-Is fragmented even further to create individual entities that we would consider “people”, that together made up civilizations, races and species.

These early humans are our ancestors, it is where it all began as far as our galactic story goes.

From Lyra, the first people evolved and spread out to inhabit and create other planets, other systems, spreading out into the galaxy. Much of what we experience here on planet Earth was begun elsewhere in the galaxy. For example, much of our spiritual practices and mysticism was begun in the Vega system, and the darkest exploration of polarity and fragmentation played out in the Orion system.

There were many wars, the destruction of whole planets and civilizations, and other things we might consider “negative” or “dark” as our human family has explored the idea of polarity and separation. Many civilizations have traveled this road before us, and have made their way back to integration and the balance of polarity in the Oneness that is All.

Earth was created and seeded by many of these other galactic races – Sirius, Pleiades, Orion, Lyra, Vega, and many others. We have their DNA within us, and their history and experiences have greatly influenced our own make-up. Our current experience here on Earth is truly a continuation of the story of the human family over eons here in this galaxy!

Our Galactic Lessons & Lineage

The experiences and lessons from our long galactic history have not been lost, they are still playing out here in our Earth civilization and much of the drama we see going on around us is really the last remnants playing out from the grand Galactic drama.

For those of us who are Galactic old souls, we see this at play in our own lives, as well. Much of what we deal with, especially when it comes to fear and polarity, stems from “past” experiences we have had on other planets and in other systems and civilizations. We carry those ancient experiences within us, and part of our “work” here has to do with healing ancient wounds and fears that we’ve been carrying for a very long time.

As a Galactic family, we have seen it all, experienced it all. Especially the darkest of the dark, and the lightest of the light, as we have explored polarity to both extremes. What we see here on Earth is only a fraction, the last vestiges, of this drama. We have seen it all before in a very real sense, and we are here to continue to heal the wounds and integrate the polarities, to find the balance point of this and that, the paradox where all is One.

An interesting example of healing from our Galactic Heritage is a reading I did for one of my clients, where it came through that he had been involved in the destruction of a planet in another solar system eons ago, and still carried some of the guilt from that experience that was ready to be healed now. Here’s what Peter had to say about the reading and the relief and healing that came through for this experience:

“I feel much lighter in the whole of my being!”

Thank you so much for doing this “vibrational dance” with me, it is very much spot on and super useful where I am right now.Some 6-7 years ago another intuitive reading showed me this memory of “blowing up” a whole planet. And I haven’t thought about it for some years now and probably been living as if it was done with. But as soon as I heard the words again in this reading I started crying, feeling a great relief. That really hit the spot, thaaaank you.

The reading fits me well and today I feel much lighter in the whole of my being. More bits have come into place. I feel blessed to have come across you and your abilities, thank you once again.

~ Peter MΓΈller Ravn, Denmark

And so these old dramas continue to play out in our current experience…

Our deepest primal fears are ancient fears carried over from our experiences in other civilizations where we have literally faced extinction, annihilation, abandonment, planetary destruction, and the deepest of darkness.

Our highest joys, excitement and connectedness remind us of our experiences of enlightenment, awakening and integration in civilizations that evolved to a higher consciousness and group mind, and the highest of light.

You have seen it all, old soul, and you have these experiences, these memories, these lessons right here inside you for you to tap into NOW in this Earth-human lifetime!

All of these ancient experiences and lessons can serve you now in dealing with whatever you face in your current lifetime. Everything that comes up is here to be healed and integrated, and you can draw on those previous experiences to help you navigate this integration.

When you feel fear, or sadness, especially when it doesn’t make sense for your current experience, remember that what you are feeling is ancient, and that you’ve been here before. You’ve faced it before, and you can do it again because you already know how.

Ask for assistance. Connect to those other versions of you who have had those experiences throughout time and space, and ask for their assistance in healing and integrating this now. Use those lessons and knowledge to help you here in this lifetime, there’s no need to learn it all from scratch or figure it all for yourself.

You’ve already “been there, done that”, and you are already connected to those parts of your multidimensional self who have experienced it. Tap into that and bring that healing, wisdom and knowledge into your current reality to bring it all full circle. It’s as simple as intending it and knowing that you are always connected to that ancient part of yourself.

Remember, the healing you are doing now is not just for you in this current lifetime, it is truly for the greater you and the greater whole of All-That-Is! Trust in that greater part of you, for it knows exactly what’s going on and how to heal and integrate.

Are YOU a Galactic Old Soul?

The best way to know if you are a Galactic Old Soul is to notice how you feel about the idea. Does it feel exciting to you? Is there a part of you that wants or hopes it to be true for you? Does it feel like it explains your own experience or feelings?

Notice how it feels to you, what comes to mind, and how it resonates within you. You will know if this is relevant for you, you will feel it. Trust that feeling, even if it doesn’t make sense to your logical mind. This is not a logical, linear idea, nor is your soul a logical, linear entity. Trust your intuition, feelings and gut response to show you the truth of who you are.

If this does resonate with you, and you feel like you are a Galactic old soul, then ask your Higher Self to show you what is most important for you to know and work with around this. Ask to see how it applies to your life experience right now, and pay attention to what comes to mind, or what shows up in your experience.

And if you would like some help to dive deeper into your own Galactic lineage and connect to other aspects of you and the experiences you’ve had, I invite you to have a Cosmic Heritage Reading with me to discover your own Star Lineage and the messages from the Galactic You that are most relevant for your experience right now.

Your Turn

How does this resonate with you? Are YOU a Galactic Old Soul? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experience around this, please do leave me a comment below! πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Are You a Galactic Old Soul?”

  1. Fantastic voyage Jessy. And fantastic colors by the way. Anything you do is fantastic and what you decide to do next will be fantastic too. You have numerous seeds that will sprout within you, depending on which one you intend to nourish through your attention and awareness. Possibilities are infinite.

    You are right about cosmic families. There are infinite families, and if one were to discover all, it will be pursuit beyond many lives and still incomplete. What you describe is tip of an iceberg in terms of our existence in this infinity. I used term existence, as humans are very small part of this existence. We exist as humans and in many other forms of existence. Some might be aware of one form of existence i.e human.

    I will like to present you 4 questions below as my way of honoring your existence. Reflect please.

    1. How far you think you want to go for yourself and take others?

    2. Is it possible that we as existence in vastness of the cosmic dance, at times can get stuck in a whirlpool, in realms that we know and the realms that are not in our awareness?

    3. Do you know, when you began this voyage into existence as a human being?

    4. Have you wondered where the present voyage will lead you to and those you seek the same?

    I need not know answers to above 4 questions. The 4 questions are seeds that can bear fruits of something monumental inside you, if you decide to let these seeds fall into ripeness of your awareness and intention. Answers to these questions will be opening of your awareness to new realms or you highly have already asked yourself the above four questions and answered.

    My intent and purpose of life is always to open myself and others to new possibilities and realms. I seek. I let other seek, so we all realize our vastness and infinite nature suppressed underneath out dreams, desires and wishes.

    Happy voyage Jessy

    1. Hi Bhupinder! Thank you so much for the comment, and the questions to reflect on. I love all of this, and there are definitely a few seeds in here for me to ponder and deepen into. Thank you for that! Yes, possibilities are infinite and we are all SOOOOO much more than just this human experience. That multidimensional nature is something that really fascinates me and I am excited to dive into that more here on the blog and in my own life, to experience even more of who we really are beyond this physical human reality! It truly is infinite and there is soooo much to explore and experience and learn and expand. What a fantastic adventure this is! πŸ™‚

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