Is This Real, or Just Happening Inside My Head?

Is This All in My Head?

When we begin to Galactivate and explore beyond the bounds of physical reality – what many of us have been programmed to believe is the only reality – it is very common to bump up against this question:

Is this all real, or is it just happening inside my head?

I have certainly dealt with this myself. In the early days of my cosmic exploration, as I was discovering my cosmic family – my hybrid kids and ET parallel selves – I had many moments of wondering if I was really crazy, if I was just making this all up. If it was just a fancy of my imagination. And it continues to come up from time to time as I keep peeling back the layers of my own programming and diving deeper into who I really am. Continue reading “Is This Real, or Just Happening Inside My Head?”

Your Power is Here, NOW!

Your Power is Here, NOW!

Dearly Beloved, do you have any idea, any inkling, how loved you are? Do you have any idea how powerful a Creator you are?

You go through your day to day “life” pretending that you are powerless, that things happen to you, or even that you are a victim of circumstance or other people… Continue reading “Your Power is Here, NOW!”