Are You a Galactic Old Soul?

Are You a Galactic Old Soul?

The term “old soul” is one we are familiar with, and indeed many of us can relate to feeling like an old soul. I certainly resonate with this myself, and chances are you do too if you’re here reading this. 😉 defines an old soul as:

A spiritual person whom is wise beyond their years; people of strong emotional stability. Basically, someone who has more understanding of the world around them.

Some people even believe an old soul is a person whom has learned from past incarnations, or lives. They acquired certain knowledge from their past lives and apply it to their present life… thus gaining more wisdom than the average bloke.

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They ARE Here… and They Are Family!

They ARE Here and They Are Family!

For me, there has never really been much doubt about the reality of other life in the Universe. Even as a child, raised in the Christian community where it wasn’t really talked about or acknowledged, I think I always had a knowing that OF COURSE there is other life out there! It’s such a BIG Universe, how could we possibly be the only ones here? It would be pretty arrogant of us to think that…

I’m not the only one. According to a poll done by Huffington Post & YouGov 50% of Americans believe there is life on other planets. And my guess is that the percentage is about the same – if not higher – for the rest of the planet. Continue reading “They ARE Here… and They Are Family!”