Contact is an Inside Job

Contact is an Inside Job

I was drawn out into a beautiful starry night the other evening, and spent some time just looking up at the sky, thinking about my cosmic family and connecting with them. Pondering the idea of contact, what it’s looked like in my experience so far and what I would like to experience going forward. The idea for this blog post started to bubble up and “they” told me to go home and write whatever came through. I did, and here is what they shared:

So many of you are expecting us to show up in your skies, to land in our ships, yet we are actually already here, knocking on the door of your heart. You are actually already having a conversation with us, experiencing true contact with us, it’s just happening inside you in places and ways that you’ve forgotten existed within you. Continue reading “Contact is an Inside Job”

Is This Real, or Just Happening Inside My Head?

Is This All in My Head?

When we begin to Galactivate and explore beyond the bounds of physical reality – what many of us have been programmed to believe is the only reality – it is very common to bump up against this question:

Is this all real, or is it just happening inside my head?

I have certainly dealt with this myself. In the early days of my cosmic exploration, as I was discovering my cosmic family – my hybrid kids and ET parallel selves – I had many moments of wondering if I was really crazy, if I was just making this all up. If it was just a fancy of my imagination. And it continues to come up from time to time as I keep peeling back the layers of my own programming and diving deeper into who I really am. Continue reading “Is This Real, or Just Happening Inside My Head?”

Your Power is Here, NOW!

Your Power is Here, NOW!

Dearly Beloved, do you have any idea, any inkling, how loved you are? Do you have any idea how powerful a Creator you are?

You go through your day to day “life” pretending that you are powerless, that things happen to you, or even that you are a victim of circumstance or other people… Continue reading “Your Power is Here, NOW!”

Are You a Galactic Old Soul?

Are You a Galactic Old Soul?

The term “old soul” is one we are familiar with, and indeed many of us can relate to feeling like an old soul. I certainly resonate with this myself, and chances are you do too if you’re here reading this. 😉 defines an old soul as:

A spiritual person whom is wise beyond their years; people of strong emotional stability. Basically, someone who has more understanding of the world around them.

Some people even believe an old soul is a person whom has learned from past incarnations, or lives. They acquired certain knowledge from their past lives and apply it to their present life… thus gaining more wisdom than the average bloke.

Continue reading “Are You a Galactic Old Soul?”

They ARE Here… and They Are Family!

They ARE Here and They Are Family!

For me, there has never really been much doubt about the reality of other life in the Universe. Even as a child, raised in the Christian community where it wasn’t really talked about or acknowledged, I think I always had a knowing that OF COURSE there is other life out there! It’s such a BIG Universe, how could we possibly be the only ones here? It would be pretty arrogant of us to think that…

I’m not the only one. According to a poll done by Huffington Post & YouGov 50% of Americans believe there is life on other planets. And my guess is that the percentage is about the same – if not higher – for the rest of the planet. Continue reading “They ARE Here… and They Are Family!”

What if my Partner or Family Doesn’t get this Stuff?

What if my Partner or Family Doesn't get this Stuff?

This has been an interesting discussion for me lately, as it is very relevant in my own experience. While I have been diving deeply into all of this stuff about ETs, the hybrid program, human evolution and consciousness, and so on, my partner is not exploring the same topics. This is not something I can share in depth with him, and this can be frustrating at times when I just want to talk to someone about all of this.

It has caused me to wonder at times if I’m in the “wrong” relationship, or if I might prefer to be with someone who “gets it” and is on a similar path to me. There’s certainly something to be said for being in an intimate relationship with someone who gets ALL of me and who I am and what excites me! Continue reading “What if my Partner or Family Doesn’t get this Stuff?”

The “Secret” to Conscious Contact with Your ET Family

Connecting and communicating with non-physical beings can have its challenges for us Earth-humans. Especially those of us who have been taught that we can only trust what our physical senses tell us, and that anything outside of that isn’t “real”. The TRUTH is, the physical reality is an illusion, a grand game we’re playing, and the non-physical reality that we are ALWAYS already connected to is even MORE “real”.

The nature of most communication between Earth-humans and our ET family and friends is typically non-physical, telempathic (EMotions, feelings). It’s not something you can see, touch, smell, taste or hear – although we can have those more physical experiences as well (and many of us do, but forget that we have so that it doesn’t “interfere” with our physical life experience). Instead, it’s most often very non-physical. Continue reading “The “Secret” to Conscious Contact with Your ET Family”