Interview with Daniel Scranton, Part 1

Interview with Daniel Scranton, Part 1

Welcome to a brand new interview series! I’m excited to share some special guests with you over the coming months and I hope you enjoy meeting them and are inspired by what they have to share.

Our first guest is Daniel Scranton. I’ve been following Daniel online for a couple of years now and love the channeled messages he shares each day (see below for a taste)! This interview has been a long time coming, and I’m soo excited to finally share this with you. 🙂

And now, without further ado…

Meet Daniel Scranton:

Daniel ScrantonDaniel Scranton grew up in the state of Connecticut in a very conservative, Catholic family. He shed those beliefs when attending Boston University, where he studied psychology and Greek and Roman mythology. Eventually, he became an atheist. His spiritual awakening occurred at the turn of the new millennium when he discovered the work of Deepak Chopra. From there, he began to explore many different new age authors and philosophies.

Once he found channeled material, he was hooked. He became a verbal channel himself in 2010 after a series of strange experiences in his body led him to the knowing that he would become a channel. Over the past five plus years, Daniel has developed his channeling practice to include several beings and collectives. He also teaches channeling, breath work, toning, and meditation. He lives in his Maui home on an organic farm and absolutely loves his life. He enjoys walking in nature, the beach, eating all raw food, and continuing his inward journey towards the fifth dimension.

You can find Daniel online at his website or on Facebook and YouTube.

When did you first become aware of your connection to extraterrestrials?

Well, this is a very good question! I love answering it too. I believed in ETs, but I didn’t care about them. I didn’t think that they were relevant at all to our lives here on planet Earth. When friends would talk about them, I would sort of internally roll my eyes and tune them out. (I would never actually roll my eyes, because I’m a nice person!).

Anyway, there was this one friend in particular that I knew through the Abraham-Hicks gatherings and cruises, and he was very into the ET stuff. One night in March of 2010 he appeared in one of my dreams. This was a very vivid and memorable, albeit short, dream. In the dream I looked right at him and said “I understand now about the other beings.” That’s it. We were standing in a desert somewhere, near a road, and there was a street sign with something foreign-looking on it, like two green vertical smudges. That’s the whole dream.

I woke up from that dream and could feel energy in my body. It started at my head and worked its way down. It was beyond orgasmic. I’ve never experienced anything like it before or since. (I’ve certainly tried, however!). All I could say was, “Oh, my God!” at first. And then I thought, “I wonder what this has to do with that dream? I wonder what this has to do with aliens?” And then there was a huge surge of energy. So I said, “Aliens, aliens, aliens, aliens!” to keep receiving it! All of this was being said internally. I was lying in bed with my first wife next to me. She woke up and thought I might be having a seizure. I told her I was having the most amazing experience ever and asked if she could feel it too. She couldn’t, and she rolled over to go back to sleep. That might explain why we’re not married anymore :).

So besides begging these beings for more energy, I also started asking questions. If the answer was, “yes,” I would get a surge of energy. If it was “no,” I would receive nothing. Eventually I thought that they might be in the room with me! I had an eye mask on the whole time. And so when I took it off and opened my eyes, I once again received the most amazing feeling energy ever. I didn’t see them, however. I have no idea how long this went on for, but it eventually stopped. It was like 2:45am when it did stop. I got up and Skyped with a friend in Europe so that I could tell someone about it.

After that I started going within more, meditating even more than I already was. I was already a daily meditator, and I could easily meditate for an hour a day. But I wanted more. And I had some interesting experiences after that where I could feel them around me, but never to the extent of that night again. I started channeling The Creators (who are non-physical beings) about 8 months later.

Introduce us to your ET family! What races/civilizations feel especially relevant to you and what beings have you connected to or become aware of?

The Zetas and The Quarnthians are the two I’ve channeled the most. The Q’s are not known to anyone else, as far as I know. But they have gotten a really good response. People are resonating with them and what they have to say. I’ve also channeled The Pleiadian Spheres and definitely have a Pleiadian connection. I love the work of Nora Herold, Wendy Kennedy, and Lyssa Royal-Holt, and they all channel Pleiadians. And Rob Gauthier has recently begun channeling a Pleiadian being as well. I love Rob and his work too.

The beings I connected to that night after the dream were the Zetas. I’m positive of that. Still not sure exactly what was happening there, but I believe I was receiving an upgrade/attunement. I have channeled the Zetas several times now too.

Tell us a bit about your hybrid kids and your relationship to them. What kind of contact do you have with them, what are they like, etc?

All I know is that they exist. I’ve been told by Bashar and Nora Herold that I have them. I have a knowing of my visitations when I was a kid, but I have no memories (yet) of them. I love them. I’m sure they’re out there somewhere, but I don’t make attempts to connect with them. I’m sure it will all happen when the timing is right.

You also channel ETs, can you tell us a bit about that experience? What is it like to channel them? What messages or themes do they have to share with Earth-humans?

The Q’s and the Zetas are giving us messages of peace, brotherhood/sisterhood, and cooperation. They’re here to help. The Pleiadian Spheres as well. Always good news. No doom and gloom reports from outer space here. The themes are pretty much: go within, find the frequency of what you desire, and process your lower frequency emotions. It’s all very similar to what I’ve been getting from the non-physicals.

I also channel The Hathors and The Founders, but they are non-physical. Some people think of them as E.T.s though. That’s not how I’ve experienced them. We have to remember that there are many dimensions, and so some Hathors are physical and some are not. Same can be said of any race of E.T.s. I love channeling them all. It’s a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend channeling to anyone who is interested in their evolution.

Read some of the messages Daniel has channeled here:
The World of Your Creation – The Zeta Reticuli
Opening to a New Perspective – The Zeta Reticuli
The Inward Journey – The Quarnthians
Shapeshifting – The Quarnthians

How has fear shown up in your experience, and how have you dealt with it?

In relation to E.T.s, I feel no fear. I trust that the ones that are here to help us will show up in my experience. I have no idea why I have such a solid foundation of trust there. But I’ve never been afraid to channel any beings. What I notice is that other people react with fear to the Zetas especially. I was a bit worried about that from the beginning, and I’ve seen it in comments and in face-to-face interactions after I’ve mentioned that I channel them.

But on the other hand, the number of people who are grateful for those channelings far outweigh the fearful responses. I’ve had lots of experiences with fear in my personal life, however! I was born with a fear of my house burning down. I’m sure I carried that over from a past life. I’ve also been afraid of harm coming to my physical body for as long as I can remember. I’m a very cautious person as a result. Not a risk taker in the physical realm!

Has this theme of ET family shown up in your Dreamtime experience, and if so, what has that been like?

The only recollection of a dream that comes to me is one where I was a kid and I saw a ship in the sky. I pointed it out to my father, and the next thing I knew I was standing in my house’s foyer with two men in suits. They were telling me that I didn’t see the ship. I was told by Nora that it was a memory and that they were in fact men in black.

When do you feel most connected to your ET family? What things / activities / state / etc help you feel most connected and consciously aware of them? What tools do you use to connect?

My channeling. Channeling comes very easy to me. I have no idea why. I believe I can connect to just about any race of E.T.s out there. The first time is always the hardest/trickiest, and then it gets easier and easier. I also enjoy staring up at the stars at night, knowing my friends are out there somewhere.

How does your ET family affect your Earth-human life? What are some of the benefits you see in your experience as a result of this connection and awareness?

I like knowing that we all have these connections. I find them all so fascinating. I like looking at people and knowing what DNA they have an abundance of in their bodies. It’s fun. I have fun with it. I think it all makes life far more interesting. And I’m a HUGE sci-fi fan now. I have always been a Star Wars fanatic, but now I’ll watch just about anything with space travel or E.T.s in it.

What have you learned about yourself during this experience?

I’ve learned that I’m so much more than meets the eye. I’ve learned that I’m a galactic citizen and a multi-dimensional being. I’ve learned that I can be more than I’ve ever dreamt of being prior to this knowledge I now have of my ET connections and roots.

If you were to give one piece of advice to someone who is just starting to explore their own cosmic heritage & connections, what would you say?

It’s all about the feeling. If you feel it, then it’s true! You don’t need to know everything or figure it all out. You don’t even need to know why. If you feel attracted to the Arcturians, explore the attraction and let your feelings guide you. It’s all about self-discovery. Don’t put them on a pedestal. They’re not better than us. They’re just different aspects of us in manifested physical form. Have fun with it! If it all triggers fear within you, go with that too. Explore the fear. Feel it. Don’t be afraid of the fear response, but maybe back off of your exploration of the E.T.s for a while so you can process the fear first.

Is there anything else about your experience or connections that you would like to share?

I saw a UFO on the night that the quarantine was lifted on planet Earth – June 21st 2012. It was headed right for my car, and then it veered off at the last minute and did a nice little fly-by. The woman in the passenger seat of my car also saw it. It was oval shaped but also amorphous. It was colorful and translucent at the same time. It was not very big. It may not have had actual ETs in it. If it did, they were very small. But it was a spaceship for sure.

Your Turn

Have a question for Daniel, or something you would like to hear MORE about from him? Leave a comment below, and I’ll do a follow-up interview to answer your questions! See Part 2 here for answers to some of the questions already posted.

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  1. I’d like to know how he gained weight on raw food diet. Some short tips – what’s most important to know about this issue in regards to raw food. Thanks

  2. Hi Jesse
    I would like to know Daniel’s view on ‘how to channel?’ – the first steps on becoming a channeler.
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  3. I would like to hear more about “knowing someones DNA”, How can he “tell” Are many of us prior ETs? And also I would appreciate advise as well, a hint or clue of some sort on preparing to channel or connect to a non physical enity.

  4. Fascinating interview Jesse! I love Daniel’s take on being a galactic citizen + I’d love to know more about processing those lower frequency emotions, something I think a lot of us are working through as we evolve and grow.

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