Interview with Daniel Scranton, Part 2

Interview with Daniel Scranton, Part 2

Welcome back to this brand new interview series! I’m excited to share some special guests with you over the coming months and I hope you enjoy meeting them and are inspired by what they have to share.

Our first guest is Daniel Scranton, and this is Part 2 of his interview. You can read Part 1 here. This interview was a TON of fun to do, and I’m soo excited to finally share this with you. I hope you enjoy listening! 🙂

If you have any questions for Daniel after reading this interview, leave me a comment below and I’ll do a follow-up to ask him!

And now, without further ado…

Meet Daniel Scranton:

Daniel ScrantonDaniel Scranton grew up in the state of Connecticut in a very conservative, Catholic family. He shed those beliefs when attending Boston University, where he studied psychology and Greek and Roman mythology. Eventually, he became an atheist. His spiritual awakening occurred at the turn of the new millennium when he discovered the work of Deepak Chopra. From there, he began to explore many different new age authors and philosophies.

Once he found channeled material, he was hooked. He became a verbal channel himself in 2010 after a series of strange experiences in his body led him to the knowing that he would become a channel. Over the past five plus years, Daniel has developed his channeling practice to include several beings and collectives. He also teaches channeling, breath work, toning, and meditation. He lives in his Maui home on an organic farm and absolutely loves his life. He enjoys walking in nature, the beach, eating all raw food, and continuing his inward journey towards the fifth dimension.

You can find Daniel online at his website or on Facebook and YouTube.

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Your Turn

Have a question for Daniel, or something you would like to hear MORE about from him? If you have more questions, I’ll do another follow-up interview with Daniel to ask him, so leave your questions in the comments below!

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