Meet My Future-Self: Miora from Sirius

Meet My Future-Self: Miora from Sirius

Meet Miora! She is one of my “future”-selves from a feline-human civilization in the Sirius system, approximately 2000 years in what we consider the future (from our linear perspective).

She is one of my incarnations, a “future” lifetime from our linear perspective, another “finger” on the hand of the greater soul that I am (an analogy given to my by another of my counterparts, Ariel of the Yahyel).

Cosmic Family Portrait - Miora

I first consciously connected with Miora in 2014, and I especially feel connected to her around the full moon alignment. She is teaching me a lot about loving myself, and my body, just as I am, and opening to the wonder, fun and ecstasy of life!

Miora is somewhat like what we might think of as a Priestess in her community, and is a part of the Association of Worlds (the interstellar alliance that Bashar speaks about, that we on Earth will one day be part of). She communicates with me from her ship, a silver/grey triangular craft that holds her and some of her/my family. I look forward to physically seeing her ship one day, that will be fun! 😉

I look forward to deepening this connection with Miora, learning more from her and working together as a team in this amazing adventure of life!

Your Turn

So what about you? Who are you excited to connect to in your own cosmic family? Do you feel you have an ET-self you would like to connect to, or maybe hybrid kids? Maybe you even have a connection to Sirius, like myself and many others do! Pay attention to where you feel drawn, to what feels interesting and curious and exciting to you. Those are clues to your own connections and Galactic heritage!

I’d love to hear about what resonates with you or what ideas you feel drawn to. Share in the comments below!

And if you’re ready to go deeper down the rabbit hole and find out who is here to connect with you and even work with you as part of your galactic team, I would be honored to paint a Cosmic Family Portrait for you to support you in discovering more about your own starry connections!

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