My Spirit Guides are Extraterrestrials!

My Spirit Guides are Extraterrestrials!

I first learned about spirit guides a number of years ago, as I was diving deep into spirituality and remembering who I really am. I was fascinated with connecting and communicating with nonphysical consciousness, and even took a channeling course to learn how to channel my guides so I could communicate with them more clearly.

For those who might be unfamiliar with the term “Spirit Guide”, I like this definition:

A spirit guide is a spirit on the spiritual plane who guides a spirit having a human experience on the physical plane. In simpler words, a spirit guide is a spiritual being who is guiding a human being. Getting much deeper in definition, a spirit guide is the spirit of a soul who has chosen to assist the spirit of another soul during the latter’s human life. I also believe that we are guided by our soul, but it’s more appropriate to refer to this as your higher self than a spirit guide.

We all have the ability to communicate with our spirit guides. The only “requirement” is a desire to do so. As I dove heart-first into developing this connection for myself, I discovered that connecting and communicating with my spirit guides involved honing my intuition and learning to listen to my own knowing, as that is how our guides frequently communicate with us. And anyone can do this. We all have the ability to communicate with spirit!

When I made contact with my ET family a bit later, the connection felt similar, familiar, and eventually I realized that some of my ET connections are my Spirit Guides! I have other guides as well, but at least some of my nonphysical team are extraterrestrials, future versions of me living on other planets, in other civilizations. Far more advanced, evolved and enlightened than my “current” Earth-human personality of Jesse, and here to guide me and assist me on this Earth journey.

What I’ve discovered from exploring this idea of extraterrestrial family and connections, is that there really are no set lines or categories when it comes to our nonphysical connections! ETs can play the role of Spirit Guides or Angels, or even pets. Really, any consciousness not of Earth origin is “extra-terrestrial”, and there are many “ET” energies interacting with us and our planet whether we are aware of them or not.

Here’s a video I did about ETs as Spirit Guides:

My ET Spirit Guides have been with me throughout my whole life, and beyond, which is why they feel so familiar. Ariel, my counterpart and guide from the Yahyel civilization, and Sampson, my counterpart and guide from the Shakani civilization, both feel so familiar, like old friends. It’s a connection that I have only recently become aware of, but I can feel it’s been there all along.

As part of my cosmic team, these ET guides help me with my business and work in the world, as well as with other areas of my life. Anything I need, they are there and eager to connect and assist me! Their messages always remind me how loved I am, how I can’t get this wrong, how I’m just here to be me. They know me so well, and know exactly what I need in any given moment, better than I know myself!

One of my favourite ways to connect with them is through art, painting. It helps me to make that connection more tangible, more visual, which makes it that much more “real” in my experience. I also love to channel them, writing whatever messages come through to inspire me or help me get clear on where to focus, or anything else I need.

It’s pretty awesome to have such a loving, wise, and joyful team of guides, always ready and eager to help me along the way!

Your Turn

What about you? Do you feel like your Spirit Guides might include ETs? Does this idea resonate for you and make you feel excited about the possibility? If so, that’s a pretty good clue that this is true for you, and I invite you to dive in and explore the idea for yourself. Use your intuition and imagination, and ask your ET guides to introduce themselves. Just see what comes up, either immediately or in the days to follow.

Share with me in the comments below, I would love to hear about your ET Spirit Guides and how you connect to them!

And by the way, if you would like my help to connect with your own Guides, I would love to channel a message or a painting for you! This will help make your connection more tangible and provide confirmation for your own experience and knowing.

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