Book Review: “Human by Day, Zeta by Night” by Judy Carroll

Book Review: Human by Day, Zeta by Night by Judy Carroll

Human by Day, Zeta by Night: A Dramatic Account of Greys Incarnating as Humans is a MUST-read, if you are curious about the truth about the “Greys” or “Zetas”. It’s the story from their side and explains so much about what’s going on. As the back cover of the book puts it, “Humans have written many books about Extraterrestrials. Now it is time for them to have their say…”

While the book is fiction, it is based on true events from the author’s life and parallels her own experience. I read her nonfiction book first, The Zeta Message, and I found that it set the stage beautifully for Human by Day, Zeta by Night. Continue reading “Book Review: “Human by Day, Zeta by Night” by Judy Carroll”

I’m an ET Mom! Meet My ET Hybrid Kids

I'm an ET Mom! Meet My ET Hybrid Kids

First, a bit of background…

The hybrid children program is an exciting adventure that many of us Earth-humans are participating in – and many of us have forgotten (temporarily, of course) that it even exists! I myself have been a part of this “program” for years and yet only began to remember it last year (September 2013). Continue reading “I’m an ET Mom! Meet My ET Hybrid Kids”

The “Secret” to Conscious Contact with Your ET Family

Connecting and communicating with non-physical beings can have its challenges for us Earth-humans. Especially those of us who have been taught that we can only trust what our physical senses tell us, and that anything outside of that isn’t “real”. The TRUTH is, the physical reality is an illusion, a grand game we’re playing, and the non-physical reality that we are ALWAYS already connected to is even MORE “real”.

The nature of most communication between Earth-humans and our ET family and friends is typically non-physical, telempathic (EMotions, feelings). It’s not something you can see, touch, smell, taste or hear – although we can have those more physical experiences as well (and many of us do, but forget that we have so that it doesn’t “interfere” with our physical life experience). Instead, it’s most often very non-physical. Continue reading “The “Secret” to Conscious Contact with Your ET Family”

Meet My Future-Self: Ariel from the Yahyel Civilization

Meet My Future-Self - Ariel from the Yahyel Civilization

One of the things I have found most fascinating as I’ve been remembering and consciously connecting to my ET family, is the idea of soul counterparts and other lifetimes…

The idea is that as a soul, we experience many different lifetimes and “personalities”, in what we think of as the past, future and present. Our soul is never limited to just one body, one personality, it has many different experiences to experience more of All That Is. All of these happen in this NOW moment, however from this space/time perspective we have here on planet Earth we see them as happening in the past or in the future. Continue reading “Meet My Future-Self: Ariel from the Yahyel Civilization”

How I Discovered My Extraterrestrial Family & Cosmic Heritage

How I Discovered My Extraterrestrial Family & Cosmic Heritage

In 2013 I embarked on a new, magical adventure of connecting to my extra terrestrial family. This experience has truly catapulted me into a whole new way of being, a whole new level of consciousness, and in a way has really woken me up to who I REALLY am!

It feels like the most exciting thing in the world to me and I am eager to share more and connect more with others who are on a similar journey.

It really all started when I “met” Bashar, an extra terrestrial being channeled by Darryl Anka. I came across one of his videos on YouTube and I was immediately HOOKED. I started downloading whatever I could get my hands on of Bashar’s teachings, and completely immersed myself in them. I spent the entire summer of 2013 going for daily walks and listening to Bashar, devouring everything I could get from him! Continue reading “How I Discovered My Extraterrestrial Family & Cosmic Heritage”

A Whale of a Time

A Whale of a Time

I’m currently on an adventure out in British Columbia; visiting my family, camping and enjoying a vacation surrounded by nature. It’s definitely food for the soul!

One of the most powerful experiences I’ve had while here was on Thursday, September 4th, in Kitimat, BC. I was out for a picnic with two of my sisters-in-law and two-year-old niece and baby nephew. We found a great spot by the ocean and were settling down to eat our lunch when we noticed something in the water.

Picnic by the ocean
Left to right: Cara, Yavanna, Brittny, Jesse

It was big, had a fin and a tail, and we quickly realized that it was, indeed, a whale. We later found out it was a humpback whale. Continue reading “A Whale of a Time”