These are some of my favorite resources that I’ve come across during my exploration of all things Galactic & ET. Enjoy!

Galactic Heritage

The Prism of Lyra: An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage by Lyssa Royal-Holt & Keith Priest

Galactic Heritage Cards by Lyssa Royal-Holt

The Greys or Zetas

ZETA Message: Connecting All Beings in Oneness by Judy Carroll

Human by Day, Zeta by Night:A Dramatic Account of Greys Incarnating as Humans by Judy Carroll

The Zeta Message website

The Custodians: Beyond Abduction by Dolores Cannon

Visitors from Within: Extraterrestrial Encounters and Species Evolution by Lyssa Royal-Holt & Keith Priest

Bridget Nielsen on Alien Abduction and the Zetas:

Yahyel, Shakani & other Hybrid Races

Bashar of the Shakani, channeled by Darryl Anka

Ishuwa of the Yahyel, channeled by Shaun Swanson

Avatars of the Phoenix Lights UFO: Ishuwa and the Yahyel by Shaun Swanson & Jefferson Viscardi

Feline Humans: A Timeless Exchange of Love and Light by Shaun Swanson & Jefferson Viscardi

ET Contact & Disclosure

Preparing for Contact: A Metamorphosis of Consciousness by Lyssa Royal & Keith Priest

Hidden Truth: Forbidden Knowledge by Dr Steven Greer

Contact: Countdown to Transformation by Dr Steven Greer

Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications by Dr Steven Greer

Sirius documentary by Dr Steven Greer

Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) founded by Dr Steven Greer

The Hybrid Children Program

Bridget Nielsen:

Aluna Verse:

Kirk Nielsen:

The Hybrid Children Community website

Have a favorite book or other resource we should add here? Let me know!