They ARE Here… and They Are Family!

They ARE Here and They Are Family!

For me, there has never really been much doubt about the reality of other life in the Universe. Even as a child, raised in the Christian community where it wasn’t really talked about or acknowledged, I think I always had a knowing that OF COURSE there is other life out there! It’s such a BIG Universe, how could we possibly be the only ones here? It would be pretty arrogant of us to think that…

I’m not the only one. According to a poll done by Huffington Post & YouGov 50% of Americans believe there is life on other planets. And my guess is that the percentage is about the same – if not higher – for the rest of the planet.

And not only are they out there, there is a huge amount of evidence that they are here visiting us, and have been for thousands of years! There is also a great amount of evidence that these visitors pose no threat to us, and in fact any “aggression” in our relationship with them has been on our part.

There has been a huge “conspiracy” to cover it up and keep this secret, but the truth is there for the finding. (Just listen to your own heart & intuition to sort out the truth from the massive amounts of disinformation.)

But the piece that really got me excited when I started really researching this for myself a couple years ago, is that we have an intimate connection to these visitors! We have just forgotten who we truly are, and our connection to these other civilizations, and ultimately All-That-Is.

They are truly family, friends, and in many cases, literally ourselves.

How could we forget something so profound, and so much a part of who we are? Because we are such powerful Creators and Masters that we were able to create the illusion that we are 3D physical humans and nothing more. We literally made ourselves forget who we truly are, so that we could have this experience of exploring the idea of being disconnected and limited. It takes a very powerful being to be able to do that!

So who are these visitors, and how are they connected to us? There are three particular aspects of this that I want to cover in this blog post, but truly the Universe is infinite and there are many, many, many other aspects to this! There are 100s, if not 1000s of ET races visiting us, and just as many motives and connections. These are just the aspects that stand out to me and have been most relevant in my own contact experience. As you continue to explore this you will discover much, much more to the story for yourself.

For me, when I first consciously remembered my own ET connections, what really struck me was that this was my family. I had an intimate connection and relationship with these beings, I had just forgotten about it so it wouldn’t interfere with my Earth-human life and what I wanted to experience. Now it is time to remember and my first response on that day in September 2013 when I really knew this was true for me, was the thought, OMG, I have family who are ETs! They felt so familiar, I immediately recognized that they have been connected to me throughout my life, as near and dear to me as my Earth-human family is. (You can read more about my story here.)

So let’s take a look at three ways these visitors are connected to us. Here are three aspects of our Cosmic Family connections…

They are our Ancestors

Our true history as Earth-humans is not what we have been taught. We have been told that we either 1) evolved from apes as part of the natural evolution or 2) we were created by a great being (God). While both of these theories hold a piece of the truth, neither of them tell us where we truly came from and our true heritage as Earth-humans!

The truth is that planet Earth is a very important project or experiment that has been going on for millennia, with many other civilizations and consciousness participating to create the perfect playground for exploring 3D reality, and the journey from wholeness to fragmentation/polarity and integration back to Source.

This grand experiment is somewhat of a culmination of the drama that has been playing out throughout our galaxy for a very long time. It is a story that began in the area of Lyra with the first fragmentation and the evolution of the first civilizations, and spread from there throughout the galaxy. Many dramas have played out on many different planets, in many different systems and civilizations as the human(oid) family has gone on this incredible journey. And many of us have experienced many other incarnations and lifetimes in these civilizations throughout galactic history!

Many of these various civilizations have had a hand in creating Earth, and our genes literally contain DNA from many different ET species, who had a hand in creating the homo sapiens species, and helping us make that leap from apes to the amazing humans we are today.

These ETs are our ancestors in a very real and literal sense, and we share their DNA. We are intimately connected to them, and they to us. They have served as creators and parents, helping us to evolve and teaching us many things over the millennia that this project has been going on. Throughout history we have often seen them as “gods” because they were able to do things that we couldn’t even imagine, but the truth is they are just other forms of life, other aspects of All-That-Is just as we are.

My favorite resource to learn more about our galactic lineage is the book “Prism of Lyra” by Lyssa Royal & Keith Priest (buy it on or This book is amazing and will completely change your perspective on where we’ve come from and your own history and lineage. I will be sharing more on this topic in future posts, as well.

Discover more of your own Galactic Heritage!

If you are ready to discover even more of your own galactic heritage and tune in to the lessons & guides from your cosmic lineage, I would love to help! The Cosmic Heritage Readings I offer use Lyssa Royal’s “Galactic Heritage Cards”, which are based on the cosmology in the “Prism of Lyra” book.

In this reading, you will learn more about your own galactic lineage – where you’ve been incarnated and the lessons from those experiences that can serve you here and now. It’s also a great way to connect with those other versions or lifetimes of you in various civilizations, and to get their assistance and guidance for your current Earth-human experience.

They are our Children

You’ve likely heard me talk about the hybrid children program, and my own hybrid kids. This has been a  very exciting aspect of this exploration for me, and something I find that a lot of people relate to.

The idea is that there is this hybridization project going on, that many of us are participating in by agreement – we’ve just forgotten about it so that it wouldn’t interfere with our 3D Earth experience. Now many of us are beginning to remember and consciously connect with these experiences. There are actually many hybridization programs going on – and have been throughout our history. We are ourselves hybrids!

All of these hybrid races being created have human DNA, and are our children, or descendants, in a very literal sense. Many of us feel this connection and know that we have kids who are not 3D Earth-human! This idea might even resonate for you. If it does – if it feels exciting and you find yourself wondering if you have hybrid kids, or feeling like you want to have hybrid kids – then this is most definitely relevant for you.

The Yahyel are one of the hybrid races most closely related to us, and they even look very much like us. They are the ones most likely to have first open contact with us here on Earth; this is an agreement that we have made with them on a collective consciousness level. The Phoenix Lights sighting in Arizona in the 90s was a Yahyel craft (with many other races aboard with them).

The Yahyel are very near and dear to my own heart, as they were my first connection to my own ET family and my Yahyel-self, Ariel, has been a close friend and guide throughout my lifetime, even though I wasn’t aware of who she was until a couple of years ago. The first of my hybrid kids that I connected to were also Yahyel/Earth-human hybrids, so the Yahyel connection has been very relevant for me.

That said, there are many different hybrids races, many different programs going on, and many different aspects and nuances to this idea of our hybrid children. It’s not important to get caught up in the details, what is important is to realize that this is going on and if you are a part of it it’s because you have chosen to be, because you thought it would be exciting to be a part of this.

I’ll share more about some of the hybrid races & hybrid kids that I know of soon, but for now just feel into how this feels to you and whether or not you feel connected to this idea of hybrid kids. If you aren’t sure, tune in to your heart and ask your soul if this is relevant for you, if you are a part of the hybrid program, if you have hybrid kids. The truth is within you and you will know the answer.

If you have hybrid kids, or feel drawn to the idea of hybrid kids, leave me a comment below and let me know! 🙂

A great resource to explore on the topic of hybrid kids is the Hybrid Children Community with Bridget Nielsen.

They are Ourselves

This is another fascinating aspect of who the ETs are that has also been very relevant for me in my own journey. The idea is that each and every one of us are multidimensional beings who are having experiences as many different beings in many different civilizations, dimensions and realities. From our linear perspective, we may see it as future lifetimes, or past lifetimes, but the truth is that everything is here and now and our Soul is so BIG that it can’t possibly be contained within just one personality.

Each and every one of us is much greater than just this physical Earth-human personality, and we are having many other experiences throughout time and space.

This means we are having experiences on other planets, in other civilizations, and in a very real sense we are these extraterrestrials! MANY of us come to find that the ET beings we are connecting to are indeed ourselves, “future” incarnations or lifetimes that our soul is having in other places and times throughout the galaxy.

One of the first ET beings that I connected to myself is my Yahyel-self, Ariel. She is one of my incarnations in the Yahyel civilization. She is ME, having an experience as a Yahyel-human personality. I have since connected to other versions of me from other ET civilizations as well, such as the Shakani/Sassani, Pleiedian, Os (Sirius), and I am not the only one. This is VERY common for those of us who are experiencing contact. It is very often our future selves who are connecting to us.

You can see examples of this with many of the channelers in this field, they are literally channeling their future-self! Darryl Anka channels Bashar, his future self from the Shakani/Sassani civilization. Brad Johnson channels Adronis, his future self from a Sirius civiliation. Lyssa Royal channels Sasha, her future self from the Pleiedian civilization. This is very common in the contact experience because these other versions of ourselves are so close to us in energy and frequency, it is in a sense easiest for us to connect to ourselves because the energy is so similar to where/who we are here and now.

Just think about it for a minute… Imagine that you exist a few hundred – or thousand – years in the future, as a more evolved, conscious version of you, and you have the ability to communicate and travel throughout time and space. Would you not want to travel back in time and make contact with yourself, to help this version of you more easily navigate 3D reality, to help you remember who you really are and awaken to a greater reality?

I know I would! It is very exciting to me to connect with these other aspects of myself and to learn from them and see a greater perspective of who I really am!

This is a theme that frequently comes up in the Galactic Heritage Readings and Cosmic Family Portraits that I do for people. It’s probably the most common connection that I make and channel for people, connecting to one (or more) of their own ET lifetimes in a variety of different civilizations. I LOVE helping you to connect more consciously with these other aspects of yourself!

This is truly a Cosmic Family Reunion!

Now you can perhaps see why the name “Cosmic Family Reunion” was chosen for this site. For me, this truly IS all about reuniting with our family from the stars! Whether it’s children, ancestors, future-aspects of ourselves, or other soul-family, these cosmic connections are very intimately connected and related to us.

This means there is no need for fear, no need to protect ourselves from these visitors, for they love us and want the best for us. That’s why they are here! To help us remember who we really are and create a beautiful, peaceful and harmonious future for ourselves and our planet.

Just as with any family, the relationships vary, and our connections evolve as we all grow on our own journey. And just as with any relationship, what you put into it determines what you experience, your perspective affects how you see things. If you approach it with fear, distrust and a belief that everyone is “out to get you”, then that is what you will experience. Whereas if you approach it with an open heart, love and a desire to connect heart-to-heart with yourself and your cosmic family, then you will experience a profoundly beautiful and heartful connection that will transform your life in many ways!

And if you would like my help to connect more consciously with your ancestors, hybrid kids or ET versions of you, I would be delighted to paint a Cosmic Family Portrait or do a Galactic Heritage Reading to help you go even deeper into your own cosmic family reunion.

Your Turn

So where are you at with your own cosmic family reunion? Have you already been connecting to some of these members of your own cosmic family and learning about your own galactic heritage? Or is this all brand new to you, something you’ve just recently started exploring?

Most of all: what feels exciting to you on this topic? Which of these three aspects of your cosmic family feel especially exciting to explore? Share in the comments below, I would love to hear more about where you’re at on your contact journey!

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